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Week 1 Monday Night Football Picks 9/13/21

Monday Night Football is back and we have a huge card that I am in love with for tonight.  Not even going to waste any time and just getting right to it.  The Ravens are and will continue to be the most overrated team in all football.  Lamar Jackson is fast and this defense is tough.  Cool story bro but tell me when they can actually prove to be a team worth fearing because when things matter most Lamar just can’t complete passes he needs to make and will turn the ball over instead.  The Raiders will finally get to play in their new stadium in front of fans and I believe will come out on fire.  Carr is as up and down as it gets and the same can be said for this defense.  There are times during the season and even during the same game where both sides of the ball can be mistaken for both the best and worst units in Monday Night Football.  Who knows which Raiders show up tonight but I for one am confident in which Baltimore Ravens team shows up because they are the most predictable team in all of football.

The Picks 1H under 24.5 -110 AND Raiders ML +160


Marlins and Nationals square off in a contest that maybe seven people will be watching tonight.  Unless you are in it for Juan Soto AB’s I do not see why else anyone could even care in the slightest.  What I will say is though Sandy Alcantara is a name that all baseball fans should get familiar with if they haven’t already.  Ever since Jose Fernandez passed this team has been in desperate need of an ace and they have two really young arms who can fill that void.  Alcantara is one of them and I think he is the real deal.  He should come out and dominate this Nationals team that has Juan Soto and a bunch of dudes who are just trying out for next year’s roster.

The Pick Marlins ML -110


After an emotional weekend and an insane Sunday Night Baseball victory, the Mets are primed for a letdown spot.  Every day is a letdown spot for Mets fans but it is written in stone and just a guarantee anytime Mets fans even have a glimmer of hope it gets smacked right back in their face with disappointment.  The Cardinals are one of the hottest teams in all of baseball and they are right there for that second wild-card spot.  A massive series on the line this week and I think the Cardinals come out with a statement performance with their best pitcher on the mound.

The Pick Cardinals ML -110


We are approaching the middle of September and the Seattle Mariners are a relevant baseball team.  That’s right you read that correctly the same team that not one casual baseball fan can name more than two players on this team is right in the thick of it for a playoff spot.  Now I don’t necessarily believe they will get to the playoffs this year but do not tell the players or those fans that.  Just like the Cardinals vs Mets this game is a massive series for the AL Wildcard and this is where I think the Mariners go from a cute story to a real contender.  They have the pitching and it’s just a matter of if the bats show up or not.  Boston has had the most inconsistent second half of any team and is doing everything they can to limp their way into October baseball.  A lot of that has to do with COVID and injuries but that doesn’t mean the losses don’t count.

The Pick Mariners ML +105


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