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UniBet Sportsbook & Online Casino

An offshoot of online gambling operator Kindred Group, Unibet is a well-known European sportsbook currently headquartered in London. While it began in 1997 as simply a place to take phone bets, they quickly integrated an online gaming company. Now trying to expand more into the U.S., Unibet is available in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Indiana, with more soon to come.

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Bonuses & Promotions


Unibet has a good initial offer with $500 back on your first bet, along with the typical parlay and odds boosts. They also offer a cashout feature on straight bets and parlays.

Withdrawal Process


Unibet is very efficient about giving you your money. They offer all your typical cash out methods (PayPal, cards, check, etc…) and get you your money in at most 72 hours and often less. Combine that with it being a regulated book and Unibet makes sure getting your money quick is a guarantee.

Mobile App


Unibet’s app is probably one of it’s weaker aspects. Compared to a lot of U.S. based books, it’s pretty clunky. The navigation is often cumbersome, forcing you to use a hamburger menu to go anywhere. If you also accidentally click on the wrong bet, it’s difficult to go back to the previous screen without restarting at the home screen. While it’s definitely still usable, it can become a bit of a pain to use for extended periods of time or large parlays

Customer Service


Unibet has good customer service, providing players with a variety of ways to get help. Along with a 24/7 call center and live chat, there’s also a help center with a search function. This allows you to search more arbitrary questions, as well as see similar questions asked by other users.

Vs. Other Sportsbooks


While not the sleekest book around, Unibet still gets the job done. It doesn’t have great odds and a clunky app, but makes up for it with great customer service and withdrawal methods. If your a more inexperienced gambler and want something reliable and gets your winnings quick, Unibet is a solid option.


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