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Backed by 888, Sports Illustrated Sportsbook, SI Sportsbook, successfully launched in Colorado in September 2021.  What makes SI Sportsbook unique is its partnerships with companies like MetaBet, Chalkline, Data Scribe, and SharpRank.  SI Sportsbook is giving its users access to data and tracking tools to help its users win.  After a successful launch in Colorado, SI Sportsbook is looking to expand into other legal states within the next calendar year.

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Bonuses & Promotions


SI Sportsbook has a great launching promotion with users getting $50 in free bets after placing a $10 bet.

Withdrawal Process


SI Sportsbook has an easy withdrawal process, allowing all your typical online options as well as check by mail. You can’t pick up cash at a window, but with how simple they make their online withdrawal process, that isn’t much of an issue.

Mobile App


The SI Sportsbook mobile app has a traditional appearance with a menu that hosts every feature on the app. What makes SI Sportsbook's app unique is the bet feed feature. You are able to see bets made by other users on the app as they happen.

Customer Service


SI Sportsbook has a variety of customer service features. Providing both a live chat feature as well as the option to call, you are always able to get your betting issues resolved. If needed, you’re also able to email. They are always willing to work with you on any issues you may have, making the whole betting process super simple.

Vs. Other Sportsbooks


SI Sportsbook is a great addition to the Colorado betting market. They have great odds and features that no other sportsbook provides.


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