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FOXBet Sportsbook

The brand of FOX is one of the most well-known in the sports industry and now they’re trying their hand at the betting world. Launched in 2019, FOXBet is available in Colorado, New Jersey, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. While it can lean to a more casual gambling crowd, it still provides some features that make it worth a look for even the most invested betters.

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Bonuses & Promotions


FOXBet offers most of the standard promotions. Their first risk free bet goes up to $500 and they have a large amount of different boosts for their plays. While these boosts may not always be the greatest value, they still can offer some potential for profit

Withdrawal Process


FOXBet has a very clean withdrawal process. They let you use all the traditional methods like PayPal, bank cards and checks, as well as giving you confidence that you’ll always get your money due to heavy regulatory body influence.

Mobile App


FOXBet offers a very solid app. Team logos and other small features are used throughout, making it easier to see at a glance. Push notifications on score changes and how your bets are going is also a nice feature. Despite these strengths, the app becomes a little cluttered with the constant pop-ups and bright yellow ads. There’s also the strange quirk that every state has a different FOXBet app, making cross-state betting a bit of a pain.

Customer Service


While it doesn’t have a traditional live chat feature, FOXBet still provides good customer service options. Any time in the app you can choose to either go to a help center, directly submit documents of complaints to the service center, as well as send in log files. While this can make the efficiency not to the same level as a live chat, it allows for nearly any issue you may have to get solved

Vs. Other Sportsbooks


FOXBet is overall a solid book. It does many of the traditional things well, such as having a solid app, good customer service and easyn withdrawal methods. It leaves a little to be desired in terms of promo’s and may lean to hard into the FOX brand and their personalities for some, but overall it’s a good way to start placing some wagers.


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