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Our expert research team provides leading sportsbook and casino operators with pivotal consumer and competitive insights relied upon to inform strategy and overcome mission-critical challenges.

We help clients ensure their platforms and products are performing at optimum levels via comprehensive QA product and feature testing.

We work with the top U.S. sportsbooks and casinos including BetMGM, FanDuel, Sports Illustrated, PlayStar, Betway and Bet365.

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What Betting Hero Research Can Do For You

Comprehensive Product Testing
As your industry eyes and ears, we conduct in-depth tests of your products and those of your competitors. Our analysis highlights strengths and weaknesses against industry benchmarks, covering all aspects of the customer journey, from registration to bet placement.

Consumer & Competitive Analysis
Our expert analysis, utilizing surveys and customer journey evaluations, provides a clear picture of your market position, product strength, and brand awareness against competitors.
Bespoke Consulting
Collaborate with us for strategic Sports Betting and iGaming solutions, focusing on customer experience and business growth. We serve gaming companies, service providers, and sports teams, offering tailored strategies for customer acquisition and retention.
Subscription Research
Exclusive monthly reports analyzing online performance, directly sourced from Sports Betting & iGaming customer data. These insights, specific to each state, drive strategic and informed decision-making.

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