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Paul vs Woodley: The Aftermath


Sunday, August 29th, Jake Paul won a split decision victory over Tyron Woodley in the Showtime Boxing PPV Headliner. While Showtime had great success in the broadcast by adding powerhouse names like Ariel Helwani, Dave Portnoy, and Dan “Big Cat” Katz, Paul’s fight poses the question of who is next and how much longer will the circus continue.

The Good

Showtime learned from Triller, the host of Jake Paul’s last PPV fight, by maintaining a more traditional broadcast structure of the PPV.  There were some interesting moments littered throughout the PPV with the addition of Dave Portnoy and Dan “Big Cat” Katz from Barstool Sports.  Barstool Sportsbook was a sponsor of the event and capitalized on the eyeballs Jake Paul brings to an event.  In true Barstool fashion, Dave and Big Cat added the Barstool flair traditional media lacks.  Each of their pre-fight breakdowns was followed by bets placed and humorous explanations for their lack of winning.

The Not So Good

While the production teams pitched a shutout Sunday night, the stars in the ring were not nearly as lucky.  To start the main card, Tommy Fury def. Anthony Taylor via unanimous decision (40-36, 40-36, 40-36).  While he did not lose a round, his performance was far from impressive.  He was significantly bigger than his opponent, yet struggled to maintain his range.  Taylor had a lot of success tying Fury up in the clinch, nullifying Fury’s offense.  Tommy Fury was slated to be Jake Paul’s next opponent with an impressive performance.  Since Fury’s fight, the Paul camp has sung a different tune wanting to explore more options first.

Jake Paul also struggled Sunday night.  Paul had success in the first 3 rounds mostly due to Woodley’s inactivity; a reoccurring theme resulting in Paul’s success.  In round 4, Woodley landed a heavy overhand right which sent Paul flying into the ropes.  No knockdown was called and Woodley did not follow up with punches after seeing Paul noticeably hurt.  Paul also showed some serious fatigue going into rounds 5 and 6.  This lead to rounds 5 through 8 being rather uneventful.

What’s Next For Jake Paul?

Post-fight, Paul mentioned wanting to take a step back from training after having spent the last 3 years entirely dedicated to the sport.  Paul also told Woodley he’d give him a rematch all of 2 minutes after mentioning the off-time so who knows what he will do next.  My hope is he either fights Tommy Fury or finds another MMA fighter to bring into the boxing world.  I would suggest Anderson Silva, one of the pound-for-pound greatest fighters in UFC history.  Since his release from the UFC in late 2020, he has had 1 boxing match where he competed against boxing royalty in Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.  He won the fight convincingly showing a future for Silva in the boxing world.  Silva is also closer to Jake Paul’s size having fought at 185lbs and 205lbs.

Another option from the MMA world is Vitor Belfort.  Vitor has a boxing match scheduled for the Fall of 2021 against Oscar De La Hoya in what is being advertised as a Legends Only League.  With good performance, I think Vitor would be a tremendous matchup to see just how good Jake Paul is.


Who do you think Jake Paul fights next? Leave a comment below with who you want to see participate in the circus act.


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