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College Basketball is literally my favorite sport from a gambling perspective out of anything.  There is chaos every single night and the only thing you can expect to happen is the unexpected.  This year will be no different.  There is a lot of really talented teams this year and a lot of mid-major teams to keep an eye on.  I even highly suggest keeping an eye on the lower conferences because you can really take advantage of lines that are just mistakes and do not get steamed because they do not get the handle as some of the power 5 conferences.  Today is no different as I have three plays and the common fan may not even know a single one of these schools even existed.


The first game on the card is between Detroit and IUPUI.  I bet most people do not even know what IUPUI stands for but guess what?  That’s not what is important.  What is important to know is they have a game tonight and this game will be scored at a pace the total does not reflect whatsoever.  Detroit is a team that does not have an identity really at all.  They come in and change up their style every single game on both sides of the ball.  IUPUI struggles in every part of the game but they do have athletes.  Expect this game to be pushed up and down the court and these two teams are going to look to find something to build on as conference play gets underway.

The Pick: Detroit vs IUPUI over 131 -110


Next matchup we have Oakland vs UIC.  The biggest mistake people make in college basketball is looking at the records especially early in the year.  Teams records are such lies this time of year just because teams are either punching bags for the top tier programs or they are finding the smallest schools possible just to get numbers in the win column.  Home underdogs have been covering well in college to start the year and the one line that jumps out most tonight is in this game.  UIC is a sneaky good team that will not only compete hard against everyone they play this year but if they get hot at the right time could find their way competing for their conference title.  Oakland on the other hand started the year covering as massive dogs against WVU and OKST even winning outright on the road in Oklahoma.  Do not get fooled.  It is the outlier and this team will prove to struggle as the season gets going.  UIC is a good defensive team and Oakland will just not be able to score enough to cover the number.  If you really want to get crazy and have a half unit to spare I would even consider taking the dog moneyline.

The Pick: UIC +6.5 -110


The last matchup of the day is Jacksonville going to Charleston Southern.  Charleston Southern has made the tourney and has turned itself into a legitimate mid-major program.  This team did lose a lot of players and have been banged up a bit this year but they will not be bad for long.  Jacksonville is a team still adjusting and finding its way but I do also think this is a team to keep an eye on this season as they can definitely be a team to beat anyone they will face this year too.  The one thing both teams have in common is they just simply cannot put the ball through the hoop.  Neither team really plays with pace and neither team really has the athletes that it takes to run up the score.

The Pick:  Jacksonville vs Charleston Southern Under 139 -110

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