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MLB Picks 9/8/21


Wednesday baseball is one of my favorite things in the world.  Baseball is by far my favorite sport and the sport that’s affected my life the most.  On Wednesdays, you get day baseball and crazy things happen.  It’s a getaway day for a lot of teams and a real opportunity to make some good money on bad teams.  We are officially at the point of the season where things make zero sense and stuff happens that just can’t be explained.  Expect the unexpected and build that bankroll because come playoff time, that’s when you really get to unload on the teams you might miss on throughout the regular season like the Dodgers, Astros, and Rays.

Speaking of bad teams, the first game I love on the board is the Mets vs Marlins.  Marlins are a lot closer to being competitive than people think.  The starting rotation is legit and the bullpen has some pieces but is a lockdown arm or two away from being dominant.  Their problem is the offense. They are young in the lineup and do have some good prospects and some good athletes who can make things happen.  This team could make the jump next year to being pesky enough to truly make a push.  The Mets on the other hand are just the definition of disappointment.  True embarrassment to a proud city that expects winning but truly never gets it out of the Queens.  The Mets put up more of a fight against each other (shoutout raccoons) and against its own fanbase than they do against their opponents.  Don’t expect much to happen in this game. I wouldn’t blame you for not even tuning in for a second.

The Pick Under7.5 -110


The Brew Crew are one of the teams I just find pure joy in watching every day.  They have nasty pitching and a bunch of really solid batters.  Outside of Yelich, who hasn’t been nearly the same as he was a few years back, they really don’t even have true star talent in the lineup.  Just a bunch of baseball players who play well together and play for their city.  Spoiler alert, I actually think this team has what it takes to take a team like the Dodgers out in the playoffs especially if it’s in the divisional series.  Their pitching stacks up with every other team in baseball.  Phillies, on the other hand, are scratching and clawing their way for a playoff spot and with their pitching issues and inconsistent lineup, I just don’t see a magical run for them.

The Pick Brewers ML -160


I want to be put on the record and say I genuinely do like the Reds.  I think the Reds are one of the most important teams in baseball because like the Yankees, Dodgers, and Cardinals when Cincinnati has a good baseball team it is just better for the sport.  They have some serious studs in the lineup but just can’t seem to put it all together at once.  I want the Reds to be good because the Brewers need some kind of competition in that division and it certainly is not coming from the Pirates or Cubs.  I hope I am wrong about this team but I just do not see them having what it takes to put it all together come playoff time.  The Cubs on the other hand are approaching dumpster fire status yet again.  They sold their souls for one World Series and I don’t even blame them for it.  But boy oh boy is it going to be ugly for Cubs fans for a while and not only because their team stinks but the other side has pieces in place to absolutely kick their teeth in for a long while.

The Pick Reds vs Cubs Under 9 -110


Literally, everything I just said about the Reds applies to the Cardinals as well.  Except I do not like them nearly as much.  Individually they have players on that team I absolutely love.  Arenado is a generational talent, Goldschmidt might go down as one of the most underrated players of all time. Molina and Wainwright are absolute legends of the game, and they have some very nice young pieces.  The Cardinals are the closest thing to legitimate competition to the Brewers but I still think its too little too late for this year but watch out because that does not mean they won’t go balls to the wall during this final stretch.  On the other hand, the Dodgers are steamrolling teams and finding their groove at the right time.  Like I said though at the beginning weird things happen this time of year and expect the unexpected..…

The Pick Cardinals ML +110


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