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MLB Picks 9/2/21

Yesterday looked like it was going to be an absolute disaster as the early slate ripped every ticket up before the beer guys even go through two sections in the stadiums.  Then all seemed like it would be salvaged thanks to Mad Max, but then the Dodgers decided to just throw away a 2 run lead ruining the -1.5.  Do the Dodgers want Fans to be disappointed? I’m not saying that but some may think that may be the case.


Aaron Nola has looked like he has been going back to his CY Young ways of late.  He has done everything you ask out of your ace in the second half and with a playoff push on the line here in September I expect him to take the Nationals to their grave tonight.  Although the Phillies bullpen stinks and this lineup has been so hit or miss of late I do think the Nationals just can’t keep up.

The Pick Phillies ML -155


The Tigers are one of those teams I have loved watching from afar every single day.  The problem is any time I take them they then immediately decide to go back to looking like a little league team.  I love Matt Manning and definitely think he can one day be a legitimate front-of-the-line type starter for a team with a bright future.  Frankie Montas for the  A’s also is quietly having a very impressive season as he has 10 wins on the year and has just filthy stuff.  Especially with weather being a factor here I think both offenses struggle this afternoon after a long game last night.


The Pick A’s vs Tigers Under 9 -110


Sometimes you have to make a play that makes zero sense.  The more uncomfortable you are the better the play is.  I do not know how it makes zero sense and perfect sense at the same exact time but it does.  Today we have one of those games with the Mets and Marlins.  Both teams love to puke all over themselves and bathe in it while pretending to be a real baseball team almost on a nightly basis.  Don’t think just shoot and trust that it all works out when two bad teams come together expect for some absolute chaos.

The Pick Mets vs Marlins Over 7.5

The Royals are such an interesting team in the sense they actually were competitive for a good portion of the first couple of months of the season.  Then they became the worst team in baseball and just were flat-out not competitive.  The Indians are also a team that in all intensive purposes has waived the white flag since the all-star break and outside of Jose Ramirez and Franmil Reyes, it is a coin toss if anyone else decides to show up on a nightly basis.

The Pick- Royals ML -105

Last play of the night we go back to the Colorado Rockies for a third straight day.  I have shut up about how they are the worst team on the road but now they are back at home.  The Braves are dealing with a few injuries and being back in the altitude is a huge advantage for the Rockies.  For a few months now it’s become a blind auto pick when the Rockies are underdogs at home just take it and check back at the end of the season at how profitable it becomes.

The Pick Rockies ML +135


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