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MLB Picks 9/14/21

We are back to a night of just baseball.  No NFL or College football on the docket but now is the time to build the bankroll for when it comes back in a few days.  Wild Card races are boiling hot and things are getting late really early for a few teams.


The Reds are doing everything they can to have that second wild-card spot.  They have had issues with pitching and key bats injured but I believe the Pirates is exactly what the doctor ordered for them to get right.  I think we can see some absolute bombs into the Pittsburgh sky tonight and the Pirates might even be able to hang around for a bit too.  I just do not think they have the pitching to hold up even a little bit for this game against a desperate Reds team.

The Pick Reds vs Pirates over 8.5 -120


When I first started writing the blogs I talked about how the Rockies are amongst the worst teams on the road in all of baseball.  The Braves have actually held their own since the Acuna injury and are a sneaky team to potentially even make some noise this postseason.  With the season coming to an end quickly for the Rockies team and Trevor Story already daydreaming about contract negotiations with other teams I do think it will be a snoozer in Atlanta.

The Pick Rockies vs Braves under 9.5 -110


Oakland A’s are in a similar spot as the Red Sox.  This was a team that seemed to have a playoff spot in the bag if they can just play team baseball like in the first 4 months of the season.  The Royals I can never seem to be on the right side of and they make no sense whatsoever.  The offense seems to be boom or bust and the pitching seems to either be lights out or simply just can’t get an out.  Looking back this may be a terrible pick but with Oakland needing to get right ASAP I think they turn to their ACE and let him do what he is supposed to do.

The Pick Oakland vs Kansas City under 9 -115


Going back to the well with the Mariners for all the same reasons as stated yesterday.  This team is actually for real and the Red Sox are from a dead sports city.  Very sad when you think about it but maybe 60 years from now people my age from that area can tell their great-grandkids about a fairy tale land about what it was like to be winners.

The Pick Mariners ML +120


The Giants are the best team in baseball.  It is time people just accept it and even if they do not have the star power or best player they collectively are the best team.  Padres are fighting for their lives each and every night but I just think the gas tank is empty.  They are quite literally throwing the worst starter in all of baseball tonight and I think tonight officially marks the end to my Padres future I was holding onto since last November before they even made all their off-season moves.

The Pick Giants -1.5 +


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