Jai Maw

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

As CEO of Betting Hero, Jai is responsible for all aspects of the business.  Born and raised in the UK, Jai is no stranger to legal sports betting being part of everyday life and seized that opportunity in the US when co-founding Sports Betting Street Team (SBST) in 2018.  Following the repeal of PASPA, Jai saw a tremendous opportunity in helping casino clients acquire new customers.  Leveraging his successful history in the recruitment space, SBST has become the largest customer acquisition street team in the betting industry.  

Now with Betting Hero, Jai is taking it to the next level by creating a solution to help casinos acquire new customers throughout multiple channels.  Betting Hero has been well received by bars, restaurant groups and others to help generate additional revenue streams by adding Betting Hero to their mix of offerings to their customers.  Jai’s leadership and competitiveness have produced success at every stop along his career so far – and the team at Betting Hero is excited to follow his lead as Betting Hero continues to grow.

– Why did you create Betting Hero?

Betting Hero was born to offer small-medium sized businesses, and entrepreneurs an opportunity to generate additional revenue from mobile wagering industries: casino, sports, and poker. We recognized that these groups were grossly overlooked in these industries, and set out to change that.

For years our clients, the operators, have been passionately urging us to do more in this sector in an effort to help them acquire the best new customer. Betting Hero is the first of its kind platform and will revolutionize the way bars & restaurants in particular are able to interact with the mobile wagering industries. In turn, Betting Hero will revolutionize the way casinos & sportsbooks are able to interact with their customers.

– Why should small-medium sized businesses become Betting Heroes?

The easy to understand reason to become Betting Hero certified is the opportunity to easily increase revenue, but for us that isn’t enough. We are urging all aspirational small-medium sized businesses to join if they are interested in being part of a nationwide network that will inherently bring about significant business opportunities long-term. In addition, we know that online gambling, sports betting, and poker are a very real part of society in the modern day. These are activities every customer will be involved in, many times while they’re in your business. Business owners should be able to control and influence those additional experiences. Betting Hero enables that.

– What do you like to do outside of work?

Like with many of Betting Hero’s retail partner owners, the concept of being outside of work doesn’t really exist for me. My mind is always thinking about ways in which we as a company can be better, and do better by our partners, clients & customers. 

Fortunately for me, many of these creative ideas begin as conversations with those that I surround myself with. None of those people are more supportive and inspirational than my amazing wife, Jessica. She and my three beautiful daughters, Laila, Quinn, and Pippa continuously remind me of why I make the sacrifices that I do. When I do disconnect from work, I love nothing more than spending time with the ladies in my life. Watching my favorite soccer team, Arsenal, is a close second however.

– What is your vision of success for Betting Hero?

As a people-driven company, my vision for Betting Hero’s success is that we always do everything possible to help those we interact with: whether retail partners, employees, contractors, clients, or customers. 

The companies I have always been most impressed by share a real passion for people and a relentless pursuit of doing what is right by those people all of the time. I will be proud of Betting Hero if we’re able to follow in those footsteps.



Jeremy Jakary

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

As Chief Strategy Officer of Betting Hero and its parent company, Jeremy is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the business is pointed in the right direction at all times. To effectively do this, no matter how difficult a challenge may seem to overcome, Jeremy possesses the type of ‘can do’ attitude that is unimaginable.

To think Jeremy might only be a big thinker and strategic visionary would be unfair of his capabilities as a leader and individual contributor however. At his core, a relentless executive sales & recruitment expert, Jeremy has owned and operated several successful businesses, before this venture.

– Why did you create Betting Hero?

Betting Hero was created because it produces a win-win-win for all 3 parties involved.  First, consumers want to be able to bet on sports from their phone and value having someone educate them about the process, offers, etc.  Second, sports betting operators are always interested in more sports fans learning how to use their products and acquiring new customers.  Third, new businesses (Bars, Restaurants, Golf Courses and more) are always looking to add value to their customer experience and produce additional revenue.  Betting Hero does both in a familiar setting for customers to help them get started with Sports Betting.

– Why should small-medium sized businesses become Betting Heroes?

It’s a win-win.  Betting Hero businesses will enjoy an additional revenue stream while offering a value add to its customer base.

– What do you like to do outside of work?

Most of my time outside of work is family time.  Father of five kids that are fully involved in many extra-curricular activities.

– What is your vision of success for Betting Hero?

I see Betting Hero as the largest network of sports-related businesses in America.  These businesses include Sports Bars, Golf Courses, Hotels and more – all places that have relationships with our target audience (the sports bettor).  By pulling this network together we can best serve the sports bettor and help these businesses and our casino operators at the same time.



Kris Huslebos

National Account Executive

– Why did you join Betting Hero?

I joined Betting Hero because it was an opportunity to combine two things I am passionate about, the world of sports and small businesses.

– How would you describe yourself?

I recently graduated from Davenport University where I received by BBA in Marketing. I value personal growth, which is why I am drawn towards sales and business development work because I get to be the decider of my own success. I am goal-oriented, when I align myself to a goal I would like to achieve, I work incredibly hard to ensure that goal is met. I am a talkative individual, who loves to strike up a conversation over the phone or in person. 

– What do you like to do outside of work?

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family and hiking with my dog. I am an avid fan of the Detroit Red Wings and the UFC, and I like to follow both sports closely. I also enjoy playing tennis, when the weather is nice enough.

– What is your vision of success for Betting Hero?

My vision of success for Betting Hero has two divergent paths, for businesses and for the sports watching public. For businesses, I envision a new way to engage their customers when they are sitting at a table enjoying a big game and some beers. A conversation with the bartender or server about the game serves as an opportunity to inform the customer of a unique online betting experience. For the fellow avid sports fans, Betting Hero is the convenient way to place a bet on their favorite team, with the help of an expert on the platform itself.