Jai Maw

Founder & CEO

Super Power: Time Manipulation

With the ability to slow time down, or stop it entirely, I would never miss another meeting or deadline.  What would be better than having an infinite amount of hours every day?

Jeremy Jakary

Founder & CSO

Super Power: Total Recall

I have a million ideas a day and having a photographic memory with total recall would be my dream superpower.  Sticky notes are a great substitute for now.

Jeff Gajewski

Managing Director

Super Power: Super Speed

The ability to go from coast to coast and be home before lunch would be fantastic.

Josh Champion

National Sales Director

Super Power: Flight

I could travel the world quickly and spend more time with the people I love and that matter most to me.

Kristen Carson

Customer Success Manager

Super Power: Mind Reading

I would be able to know what people are thinking prior to even talking to them. I would be able to go into situations and conversations knowing exactly what the person I am speaking to wants.  It would be really cool to know what anyone and everyone is thinking at any given time.

Kris Hulsebos

National Account Executive

Super Power: Telekinesis

The ability to move objects with my mind would be great, and I could get so much more done.  I could be the most efficient multi-tasker ever.  I could take out the trash, play with the dogs, make dinner, and send out some emails simultaneously.

Eamonn Keenan

Digital Marketing Manager

Super Power: Omnificence

To be omnificent is to have complete creative power.  If I was able to spontaneously create all of my ideas into reality at the snap of a finger, I would be the greatest marketing Super Hero of all time.

Mike Rendeiro

CX Manager

Super Power: Intuitive Aptitude

The ability to instantly understand the working of anything no matter how simple or complex would allow me to take on any task with the utmost confidence instinctively.

Ernie Ropas

Research Director

Super Power: Telepathy

Being able to read clients’ minds would be a huge advantage in selling, make my everyday calls more efficient talking about only what the customer cares about, and could even help avoid some arguments with my girlfriend.

Tony Yoskovich

Optimization Consultant

Super Power: Teleportation

Teleportation would be the ultimate travel optimization, as long as I can bring my groceries with me.

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