What Is Laying The Points? Sports Betting Terms Explained

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“Laying the points” or “laying the price” is a sports betting strategy that revolves around betting on the favored team or participant in a game or event, even when it requires giving up certain points or odds in their favor. To succeed with this approach, the favored team must secure a victory by a margin greater than the specified point spread or achieve the desired outcome based on odds.

How Laying the Points/Price Works

To gain a deeper understanding of this strategy, let’s break it down into its essential components:

Point Spread

In sports like football and basketball, point spreads are commonly utilized to level the playing field between teams with varying skill levels. When a bettor chooses to lay the points, they are essentially placing a bet on the favored team, banking on the belief that this team will secure a victory by a margin greater than what the point spread indicates.

For instance, if Team A is the favorite with a point spread of -7, and a bettor decides to lay the points, they are wagering that Team A will emerge victorious with a winning margin exceeding 7 points. A successful bet would require Team A to win by 8 points or more.

Moneyline Odds

In certain situations, rather than employing a point spread, sportsbooks offer moneyline odds for those interested in laying the points. This entails betting on the favored team to win outright, albeit at odds that might not yield substantial profits due to the team’s high probability of winning.

For example, if Team B stands as a substantial favorite with a moneyline of -300, a bettor who opts for laying the points is essentially risking $300 to gain $100 if Team B secures the victory. The relatively lower potential profit reflects the strong likelihood of Team B winning the contest.

Here you can see this play out on FanDuel below with the Phoenix Suns as heavy favorites with -430 odds. To wager $100, you’d only yield about a $23 profit if the Suns win.

laying the points example with heavy favorites on FanDuel

Laying the Points/Price: Key Considerations

When employing the strategy of laying the points/price in sports betting, several crucial factors come into play. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind:

Team Analysis

Before laying the points/price, conduct thorough research and analysis of the favored team. Evaluate their recent performance, player injuries, team dynamics, and overall strength. Understanding the team’s current state is essential in gauging their ability to surpass the point spread or moneyline odds.

Point Spread Variations

Point spreads can vary across different sportsbooks and betting platforms. It’s advisable to compare multiple sportsbooks to find the most favorable point spread for your chosen favored team. Even a slight variation in the point spread can impact the potential outcome of your bet.

Moneyline Odds Assessment

When dealing with moneyline odds while laying the points/price, carefully assess the risk-to-reward ratio. Heavily favored teams often have odds that require a substantial upfront investment for a relatively modest profit. Weigh the potential returns against the level of risk to determine if it aligns with your betting strategy.

By taking these key considerations into account, sports bettors can enhance their ability to effectively lay the points/price, make inform

Laying the points/price is a strategy that relies on a fundamental belief in the favored team’s superiority. It necessitates not only a comprehensive understanding of the teams and their performance but also a keen sense of evaluating the point spread or moneyline odds to identify opportunities for successful bets. By employing this strategy effectively, sports bettors can harness the potential of favorites and make informed decisions when choosing to lay the points or price in their wagers.

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