What Is Buying Points? Sports Betting Terms Explained

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In the world of sports betting, the term “buying points” holds significance. It involves a player willingly paying an additional price, essentially wagering more money, to gain an advantage of a half-point or more on a point spread in a game.

How Buying Points Works

Let’s delve deeper into the mechanics of buying points in sports betting:

Example Scenario: Consider a bettor who wants to place a wager on an NFL game. The point spread for the game is set at -6.5 for the favored team. However, the bettor is more comfortable with a -6 point spread. In this case, they can choose to “buy” half a point, which often comes at an additional cost.

Here are a couple examples of buying points for the spread on both the FanDuel app and DraftKings sportsbook.

Buying points in sports betting on FanDuel buying points in sports betting on DraftKings

Benefits of Buying Points

  1. Adjusting the Spread: Buying points allows bettors to tailor the point spread to their advantage. They can make it slightly more favorable for the team they’re betting on or less favorable for the opposing team.
  2. Reducing Risk: By adjusting the point spread, bettors can mitigate the risk associated with their wagers. It can provide a safety net, making it easier for the bet to be successful.
  3. Increasing Control: Buying points gives bettors more control over their bets. It allows them to align their wagers with their specific strategies and predictions.

Cost Involved With Using This Strategy

It’s important to note that buying points is not a free adjustment. Sportsbooks typically charge an additional fee for this service. The cost can vary depending on the specific point spread adjustment and the sportsbook’s policies.

When to Consider Using This Option

Bettors may consider buying points in various situations:

  1. Close Games: In games where the point spread is close to the bettor’s predicted outcome, buying points can be a valuable strategy to increase the chances of winning.
  2. Reducing Risk: When bettors want to reduce the risk associated with a particular wager, buying points can provide added security.
  3. Key Numbers: In sports betting, certain key numbers such as 3 and 7 are more common final margins of victory. Buying points to move the spread to or away from these key numbers can be advantageous.

In conclusion, buying points in sports betting allows bettors to fine-tune the point spread to better align with their predictions and risk tolerance. While it comes at an additional cost, it can be a valuable tool for enhancing betting strategies and increasing control over wagers.

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