What Is A Round Robin? Sports Betting Terms Explained

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In the world of sports betting, the term “Round Robin Bet” might sound intricate, but it’s a valuable wagering strategy that can provide flexibility and enhance your betting experience. In this article, we’ll delve into the mechanics and advantages of Round Robin Bets.

What is a Round Robin Bet?

A Round Robin Bet is essentially a series of parlays, allowing bettors to combine multiple teams or selections into various smaller parlays within a single bet. It’s a versatile betting strategy that offers both excitement and potential profitability.

How Round Robin Bets Work

To illustrate how Round Robin Bets work, let’s consider an example in the context of the NBA:

Suppose you’re interested in betting on three NBA games: the Los Angeles Lakers vs. the Golden State Warriors (Game A), the Brooklyn Nets vs. the Miami Heat (Game B), and the Chicago Bulls vs. the Boston Celtics (Game C).

In a Round Robin Bet, you can create multiple two-team parlays from these games. For instance:

  • Parlay 1: Lakers (Game A) + Nets (Game B)
  • Parlay 2: Lakers (Game A) + Bulls (Game C)
  • Parlay 3: Nets (Game B) + Bulls (Game C)

You can also include a three-team parlay that combines all three games:

  • Parlay 4: Lakers (Game A) + Nets (Game B) + Bulls (Game C)

Below is another example from the NBA using three teams. You can see this played out with the potential payout on the BetMGM app.

What is a round robin bet? BetMGM

If you want to set up a round robin on your own BetMGM account, check out this video tutorial.

Advantages of Round Robin Bets

Round Robin Bets offer several advantages for sports bettors:

  1. Risk Management: By creating multiple smaller parlays, you can manage your risk more effectively. Even if one parlay loses, you may still win others.
  2. Flexibility: Round Robin Bets provide flexibility in wagering, allowing you to explore different combinations of teams and games to suit your preferences.
  3. Enhanced Potential Payouts: If all your selected parlays win, the potential payouts can be substantial, offering an exciting return on your investment.
  4. Strategic Betting: This strategy allows you to implement various betting strategies, such as hedging or focusing on specific matchups within your chosen games.

In conclusion, Round Robin Bets are a valuable tool in sports betting, offering flexibility and strategic options for bettors. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or new to sports wagering, understanding Round Robin Bets can enhance your betting repertoire. Keep in mind that while this strategy can be rewarding, it also requires careful consideration of your selections and risk management to maximize its benefits.

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