What Is A Limit? Sports Betting Terms Explained

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In sports betting, the “limit” signifies the maximum wager amount before odds or point spreads are adjusted. Limits manage risk and maintain book balance, shielding sportsbooks from excessive financial exposure due to a single bet.

The Role of Betting Limits

Betting limits serve several pivotal roles in the sports betting landscape:

Risk Management: Betting limits are essential for sportsbooks to effectively manage the potential risks associated with substantial bets. Without limits, a single high-stakes wager could lead to substantial losses for the sportsbook.

Balanced Action: Sportsbooks strive to attract bets on both sides of a wager to minimize their own risk. Setting limits promotes diverse bets, ensuring book balance, regardless of the event’s outcome.

Preserving Integrity: Betting limits play a vital role in preserving the integrity of sports events. By preventing excessively large bets, they help maintain fair competition and prevent the undue influence of bets on the outcome of games.

Types of Betting Limits

Betting limits typically come in two forms:

Minimum Bet: The minimum bet represents the smallest amount a sportsbook will accept for a specific wager. This limit is often in place to ensure that bets remain economically viable for the sportsbook to process.

Maximum Bet: Referred to as the “limit,” the maximum bet signifies the highest amount a sportsbook will accept for a wager before they either decline the bet or make adjustments to the odds or point spread. When a bet reaches this limit, the sportsbook may choose to refuse the wager or modify the odds to discourage further bets.

Here you can see the limits pages on both FanDuel sportsbook and the DraftKings app.

Limits page on FanDuel Limits page on DraftKings app

Understanding betting limits is essential for both seasoned and novice sports bettors, as it influences the scope of wagers available and the strategies employed. These limits are a fundamental aspect of sports betting operations and help maintain the integrity and stability of the industry.

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