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Sharp money in sports betting refers to bets placed by experienced and knowledgeable bettors, also known as “sharps.” These bettors often use a combination of statistical analysis, betting trends, and other factors to identify value in betting lines and place large wagers on those lines.

When a sharp bettor places a significant wager on a game, it can cause the betting line to move in their favor, indicating a shift in the market’s perception of the game’s outcome. This movement can attract other bettors to follow the sharp bettor’s lead and place their own wagers on the same side, causing further movement in the line.

Sharp money is respected in the sports betting industry because these bettors have a proven track record of success over time. Many sports bettors use sharp money as an indicator of where the market is likely to move, and may follow these bettors’ plays or adjust their own bets accordingly.

It’s important to note that sharp money is not always right, and even experienced bettors can have losing streaks. However, the weight of sharp money can influence the market and impact betting lines, making it an important factor for many bettors to consider when placing their own wagers.

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