What is VIP Preferred? An Overview

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Have you ever wondered about VIP Preferred and how it simplifies cash access at gaming establishments? In this article, we’ll delve into the details and explore how it offers a swift and convenient way to obtain cash and cash checks electronically. VIP preferred is often available on many of the sportsbook apps you use every day.

Introducing VIP Preferred

VIP Preferred stands as a convenient financial service that allows you to access cash swiftly at over 500 gaming establishments. This hassle-free solution streamlines your cash access process and enhances your gaming experience.

Swift Cash Access

With VIP Preferred, the process is quick and straightforward. Once you’re enrolled in the program, all you need to do is present your identification to a casino cashier, and you can promptly obtain the cash you require. This means you can get back to enjoying your gaming experience without delay.

Electronic Check Cashing

VIP Preferred also offers the convenience of cashing checks electronically, often referred to as e-checks. This service eliminates the need to carry your checkbook and provides a secure and efficient way to manage your funds while gaming.

The Benefits of This Service

  1. Efficiency: VIP Preferred saves you time by providing a swift and hassle-free cash access solution. No need to wait in long lines or carry excessive cash.
  2. Security: With VIP Preferred, your transactions are secure and protected. Electronic check cashing reduces the risk of lost or stolen checks.
  3. Convenience: The convenience of VIP Preferred allows you to focus on your gaming experience without worrying about cash-related hassles. They even have an app available for additional convenience.

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Managing Your Funds

VIP Preferred not only simplifies cash access but also provides you with an efficient way to manage your gaming funds. With the ability to cash checks electronically, you can keep track of your expenditures more effectively. Plus, you won’t need to carry large sums of cash, reducing the risk of loss or theft.

Additionally, many programs offer online account management tools, allowing you to monitor your transactions, check balances, and review your cash access history. This added feature empowers you to stay in control of your finances while enjoying your gaming adventures.

Secure Pin Numbers for VIP Preferred Cards

Your VIP Preferred Card’s secure PIN is crucial for the ATM Cash @dvantage service. This feature lets you process e-checks and withdraw cash directly at participating casinos’ ATMs. It’s a safe and quick way to access your funds without needing paper checks or cage interaction.

You can change your PIN at any ATM that displays the ATM Cash @dvantage logo. Just follow the on-screen instructions after entering your PIN.

Ensuring Maximum Security:

  • Memorize your PIN and destroy the original letter.
  • Avoid keeping your PIN in your wallet or purse.
  • Don’t write the PIN on your card or share it.
  • In case of card loss, theft, or PIN compromise, call 877.777.1355 immediately for assistance.

Cashing An Electronic Check

To process an e-check, present your ID* to the cashier. Tell them you want to cash an e-check and state the amount. Confirm the checking account for use. Sign a receipt authorizing Global Payments for EFT debit. You’ll receive a receipt copy for records. *A VIP Preferred Card may be required at some locations. For more details, ask your cashier.

Cashing Checks at the ATM

Cash electronic checks at any ATM with the ATM Cash @dvantage logo using your VIP Preferred card. Swipe or insert your card at the ATM and follow the on-screen instructions. Enter your PIN when prompted. Withdraw up to $500 per transaction, subject to your limit. If you need a VIP Card or PIN, contact us for a request.

7 Day Limits on VIP Preferred

Your limit covers both paper and electronic checks (e-checks) for personal cash access. Keep your account in good standing and within the limit to maintain access. Each transaction reduces your available limit. After 7 days, cleared check amounts get added back for future use.

What If My Bank Account Info Changes?

Update your banking info promptly to continue enjoying e-check cashing.

Two ways to update your bank account:

  1. At a participating gaming establishment, bring a new check and ID to the cashier. Request to update or register your bank details.
  2. Alternatively, call our VIP Preferred Help Desk at 877.777.1355 for updates.

How to Enroll With VIP Preferred

Enroll quickly at the cashier cage or online at your favorite gaming site. You need to enroll just once for check cashing at any VIP Preferred Network location. At a participating site, fill out a form and present a check with a valid ID. In under 90 seconds, you’ll know your new 7-day limit. Start cashing checks immediately at any VIP Preferred Network location.

In conclusion, this payment method offers an efficient and secure method for accessing cash and cashing checks electronically at gaming establishments. Its streamlined process and added convenience enhance your overall gaming experience. So the next time you visit a gaming establishment, consider enrolling to simplify your cash access and check-cashing needs, allowing you to focus on the excitement of gaming.

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