How To Play Super Bowl Squares On FanDuel

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Introduction to FanDuel Super Bowl Squares

This Super Bowl season, FanDuel introduces an exciting way to engage with the big game: the Super Bowl Squares Game. This game offers a straightforward method to participate in Super Bowl LVIII by betting on the score outcome, focusing on the last digit of each team’s score. It’s a fun, easy way to get into the action.

how to play super bowl squares on fanduel

Understanding Squares

The essence of Super Bowl Squares is predicting specific score outcomes. Utilizing a 10×10 grid, the game presents 100 unique options. One NFL team participating in the Super Bowl is assigned to the horizontal axis, while the other team takes the vertical axis.

Participants choose square(s), betting on the last digit of each team’s score by the end of each quarter. For instance, if the 49ers score 13 and the Chiefs 21 by the quarter’s end, the winning square is “49ers 3 – Chiefs 1.”

Getting Started with FanDuel Super Bowl Squares

To join in on action, you’ll need an account. You can log into your existing account or sign up to start playing. Access the game through the FanDuel Sportsbook app by locating the “SB Squares” icon on the home page or visiting the link provided to bet now.

Selecting squares is simple. Each square offers its odds, allowing live betting on squares throughout the game. While you can choose multiple squares, combining them in a parlay is not an option. For comprehensive terms, visit FanDuel Sportsbook. To sign up for FanDuel and get in on Super Bowl squares, make sure you’re using the link below to access the current registration promo in your market.

  1. $20 deposit minimum
  2. Can bet on pregame, live, parlay, and prop bet
  3. -200 odds requirements
Must be 21+. Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER

Betting Options within Super Bowl Squares

FanDuel’s Super Bowl Squares allow bets on various outcomes, including:

  • Final Score (including Overtime)
  • 1st Half Score
  • 1st Quarter Score
  • End of Any Quarter Score

This innovative approach lets you take control, choosing your numbers rather than leaving it to chance. FanDuel provides all the odds for every number, enhancing the traditional Super Bowl Squares game.

Why Choose FanDuel Super Bowl Squares?

FanDuel’s version of Super Bowl Squares elevates the classic game by integrating it with the convenience and comprehensive betting options of their platform. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or looking for a new way to enjoy the Super Bowl, FanDuel’s game is an accessible and engaging option.

Dive into Novelty Bets with FanDuel for Super Bowl LVIII

FanDuel offers many novelty bets beyond squares. Bet on the Gatorade bath’s color for the winning coach. Wager on how long Reba McEntire sings the national anthem. Guess the coin toss result too. These bets bring more excitement to Super Bowl festivities. They complement traditional betting well. Both seasoned bettors and casual viewers can enjoy the action. Intrigued by these bets? Our guide to novelty Super Bowl prop bets can help. It offers strategies and insights, enhancing your betting strategy. Click for our comprehensive guide and dive deeper into Super Bowl betting.

Make Your Super Bowl Experience Unforgettable

With FanDuel’s Super Bowl Squares, you have the power to pick your own numbers and know the odds for all possibilities. It’s the familiar game of Super Bowl Squares, reimagined for a better experience. This year, dive into the excitement of Super Bowl LVIII with FanDuel and potentially win big by making strategic picks on the outcome of the game.

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