Why Is My DraftKings Bet Still ‘Open?’ Comprehensive Guide

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Many users on DraftKings Sportsbook occasionally find their bets still marked as ‘Open’ even after the event seems to have concluded. This article aims to explain why this happens and how to address such situations. By understanding the reasons behind open bets and knowing when to take action, you can navigate your DraftKings experience more effectively.

why is my draftkings bet still open

Common Reasons Why Bets Remain ‘Open’ on DraftKings

There are several reasons why a bet might still be open on DraftKings:

  1. Game Completion Required: Most bets require the official end of the game. Sometimes, even if the outcome seems decided during the game, DraftKings waits for official statistics to grade the bet​​.
  2. Third-Party Data Delays: DraftKings relies on third-party data providers for bet grading. Any delays from these providers can result in bet grading delays​​.
  3. Official Confirmation Pending: DraftKings often waits for final confirmation from their statistics provider before grading a bet. This cautious approach prevents issues arising from changes in official scoring​​.
  4. Manual Bet Review: Occasionally, DraftKings may need to manually review certain bets, which can extend the time a bet remains open​​.

How to Respond to an ‘Open’ Bet Status

  • Patience is Key: Understanding that delays are often part of the process can help manage expectations.
  • Check the Game Status: Ensure the game has officially concluded, as real-time changes can occur.
  • Contact Customer Support: If your bet remains open longer than expected, reaching out to DraftKings’ customer support can provide clarity.

Avoiding Concerns with Open Bets

  • Stay Updated: Regularly check the status of your bets and any notifications from DraftKings.
  • Understand Betting Terms: Familiarize yourself with the specific terms of your bets, as some may have conditions affecting how and when they’re graded.

DraftKings’ Commitment to Accurate Bet Grading

DraftKings aims to provide accurate and timely grading of all bets. The use of reliable third-party data and thorough review processes underlines their commitment to fairness and accuracy in bet grading.

What to Expect After Bet Settlement

Once a bet is graded and no longer open:

  • Winnings Credited: Any winnings will be credited to your account.
  • Review Bet History: You can review the details and outcomes of your settled bets in your account history.

Leveraging DraftKings’ Resources for a Better Betting Experience

DraftKings offers resources and tools to help bettors understand the betting process, including how bets are graded and settled.

Navigating Open Bets with Ease on DraftKings

Understanding why bets remain open on DraftKings is crucial for a smooth betting experience. By familiarizing yourself with the reasons and knowing when to seek support, you can enjoy betting on DraftKings with confidence and clarity.

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