What Is a Progressive Parlay on DraftKings? Full Guide

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DraftKings Sportsbook’s Progressive Parlays revolutionize traditional parlay betting by offering a unique twist. This guide will explain what Progressive Parlays are, how they work, and how to place them on DraftKings. We’ll also delve into the strategic implications of this innovative betting option, making your sports wagering more dynamic and potentially rewarding.

what is a progressive parlay draftkings

What Are Progressive Parlays on DraftKings?

Progressive Parlays are like traditional parlays but with a key difference. They allow some leeway for error. In a Progressive Parlay, you can still earn a payout even if some of your selections lose​​.

Understanding the Dynamics of Progressive Parlays

The payout and the number of permissible losing selections in a Progressive Parlay depend on the total number of picks in your bet. More selections mean higher potential returns and a higher number of allowed losses​​.

How to Place a Progressive Parlay on DraftKings

  1. Log Into DraftKings: Use your mobile device for this feature.
  2. Choose Your Sport: Navigate to NFL or NBA league pages on DraftKings.
  3. Select the Parlay Option: Find and choose the Progressive Parlay option.
  4. Make Your Picks: Add a minimum of three and up to twelve selections.
  5. Place Your Bet: Enter your wager amount and confirm your bet​​.

placing a progressive parlay on draftkings

Crafting an Example of a Progressive Parlay with NBA and NFL Picks

To illustrate how Progressive Parlays work on DraftKings, let’s create an example combining NBA and NFL selections. This will showcase how you can strategically blend bets from different sports into one parlay for a dynamic betting experience.

Example Progressive Parlay: NBA and NFL Combination


  1. NBA Game – Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat
    • Bet: Boston Celtics to win (moneyline)
    • Player Prop: Jayson Tatum to score over 25 points
  2. NFL Game – New England Patriots vs. Miami Dolphins
    • Bet: Miami Dolphins to win (moneyline)
    • Player Prop: Mac Jones to throw over 250 passing yards

Parlay Composition:

  • Total Legs: Four (2 from NBA, 2 from NFL)
  • Permitted Losses: According to DraftKings’ Progressive Parlay rules, with four legs, one loss is allowed for the parlay to still result in a payout​​.

Strategic Insights for This Parlay

  • Balanced Risk: By combining bets from both NBA and NFL games, you diversify your risk.
  • Leveraging Player Performance: Choosing player props based on recent performances can increase the odds of successful selections.
  • Team Analysis: Betting on team outcomes (like the Celtics to win) should be informed by the teams’ current forms and head-to-head history.

Key Rules and Restrictions

  • Minimum of three selections, maximum of twelve.
  • You cannot pick an individual player more than once.
  • A limit of three selections from a single game.
  • Bonus bets and most promotional offers are not applicable​​.

progressive parlay rules

How Selections Are Settled

  • A push is counted as a loss.
  • If a player doesn’t participate, that selection is void and removed from the parlay​​.

Available Player Props for NFL and NBA

  • NFL: Passing yards, receiving yards, rushing yards.
  • NBA: Points, rebounds, assists​​.

Payout Structure Based on Selections

  • 3-4 Legs: One loss allowed.
  • 5-8 Legs: Up to two losses allowed.
  • 9-10 Legs: Up to three losses allowed.
  • 11-12 Legs: Up to four losses allowed​​.

Strategies for Maximizing Your Progressive Parlay Bets

  • Diversify Your Picks: Mix bets across different games and player props for balanced risk.
  • Analyze Player and Game Stats: Make informed selections based on player performance and game dynamics.
  • Manage Risk: Balance the number of selections to optimize the potential for winnings against the risk of losses.

Conclusion: A Game-Changer in Sports Betting

Progressive Parlays on DraftKings offer an exciting way to enhance your betting experience. With their margin for error, they open up new strategic possibilities, making your sports betting more engaging and potentially more profitable.

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