How To Play Super Bowl Squares On DraftKings

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Getting Started with DraftKings Super Bowl Squares

Ready to dive into the Super Bowl action with a classic twist? DraftKings Sportsbook brings the excitement of Super Bowl squares to your fingertips. After setting up your DraftKings sportsbook account, navigate to “Promotions” on the app’s home screen. There, you’ll discover the Super Bowl squares promo. Simply click “PLAY FREE” to begin your journey.

how to play super bowl squares on draftkings

How to Engage in the Game

Before you get started, make sure you’ve signed up for DraftKings using the link below. Using this link makes sure you’re accessing the current registration bonus in your market.

  1. $5 minimum deposit
  2. $5 minimum bet to access offer
Must be 21+. Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER

DraftKings offers a modern take on the traditional Super Bowl squares contest. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Select Your Square: Before the game starts, pick a square on a digital board that mimics the classic squares contest.
  2. Reveal the Numbers: As the game kicks off, the numbers for each square will be unveiled.
  3. Winning Conditions: If the last digit of both teams’ scores by the end of each quarter matches your square, you win a cash prize.
  4. Multiple Winners: It’s possible for multiple users to select the same square. If your square wins, you’ll share the prize pool with those participants.

Prizes and Pools

DraftKings has set an enticing prize pool for the contest, distributed as follows:

  • First Quarter: $6,000
  • Halftime: $12,000
  • Third Quarter: $6,000
  • Final Score: $16,000
  • Total: An impressive $40,000 in prizes.

Winners will see their prizes directly added to their DraftKings accounts, making the victory even sweeter.

Why Choose DraftKings this Sunday?

DraftKings’ Super Bowl Squares offers a unique blend of traditional game fun and the thrill of sports betting. It’s an accessible way for both seasoned bettors and newcomers to partake in Super Bowl festivities. With substantial cash prizes and the ease of digital participation, DraftKings ensures that fans can experience the excitement of Super Bowl squares from anywhere.

Claiming Your Prizes

Victory in DraftKings Squares is straightforward and rewarding. With prizes directly deposited into your DraftKings account, winners can easily access their winnings. Whether you plan to reinvest in other bets or withdraw as cash, DraftKings makes enjoying your Super Bowl winnings hassle-free.

Join the Excitement

DraftKings Super Bowl Squares offers a unique opportunity to add competitive fun to your Super Bowl viewing. With significant cash prizes at stake and the chance to win alongside fellow football fans, it’s an appealing addition to any Super Bowl party or solo viewing. Get ready to select your square and experience Super Bowl LVIII in an entirely new way with DraftKings.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Super Bowl Experience

Participating in Super Bowl Squares on DraftKings is a fantastic way to add an extra layer of engagement to the big game. Whether you’re a long-time fan of the game or new to the concept, DraftKings provides a seamless and rewarding way to join in on the Super Bowl LVIII fun. Ready to make your pick and vie for a piece of the $40,000 prize pool? Head over to DraftKings now and get in on the action.

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