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At Betway, responsible gaming is a top priority. The company is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable betting experience for its users while also promoting responsible gaming practices.

To promote responsible gaming on the Betway app, the company offers several tools and resources to help users stay in control of their betting activity. These include:

  1. Deposit Limits: You can set daily, weekly, or monthly deposit limits to help you manage your betting activity and ensure that you stay within your budget.

  2. Self-Exclusion: If you feel that you need a break from betting or are concerned about your gaming behavior, you can choose to self-exclude from the app for a set period of time or indefinitely.

  3. Reality Checks: You can set up alerts that remind you of the time spent on the app, which can help you stay aware of how much time you’re spending betting.

  4. Time-Outs: You can take a short break from betting by using the time-out feature, which temporarily suspends your account for a set period of time.

In addition to these tools, Betway also provides resources to help users better understand responsible gaming practices and identify potential signs of problem gambling. These resources include:

  1. The National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) Helpline: You can contact the NCPG Helpline at any time to receive confidential support and advice about problem gambling.

  2. Self-Assessment Tests: Betway provides self-assessment tests to help users evaluate their gaming behavior and identify potential issues.

  3. Educational Resources: Betway offers educational resources about responsible gaming, including tips for setting limits, identifying warning signs, and seeking help if needed.

By taking advantage of these tools and resources, you can enjoy the Betway app in a safe and responsible manner. If you have any concerns about your gaming behavior or need additional support, don’t hesitate to reach out to Betway’s customer service team or one of the available resources.

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