Geolocation Overview on BetRivers

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  • Geolocation is required by law for online sportsbooks to verify the location of their users.
  • The BetRivers app will use your device’s GPS location to verify that you are physically located in a state where online sports betting is legal.
  • BetRivers (and other online sportsbooks) must be able to verify that you are in a state where they are legally allowed to operate.
  • Geolocation is also used to ensure that you are not trying to access the app or website from outside the United States.
  • BetRivers is only licensed to operate in certain states in the US, and they are required to prevent access to their platforms from other countries.
  • To use the BetRivers app, you will need to enable location services on your device and grant the app permission to access your device’s GPS location.
  • If you are having trouble with geolocation verification, you may need to move to an area with better GPS signal or check that location services are enabled on your device.

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