How To Use Bonus Bets on BetMGM: A Walkthrough Guide

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Bonus bets at BetMGM Sportsbook can significantly enhance your betting strategy. They offer a way to wager without using your deposited funds and come with the convenience of easy application via your bet slip. This guide will delve into the steps and strategies for using BetMGM bonus bets effectively, with a focus on the bet slip feature.

how to use bonus bets on betmgm

Acquiring and Recognizing Bonus Bets on BetMGM

  1. Earn Bonus Bets: Engage in BetMGM promotions or meet certain betting milestones to earn bonus bets. These could come from sign-up offers, loyalty rewards, or specific betting challenges.
  2. Locate Bonus Bets on Your Account: When you log in to BetMGM and prepare to place a bet, any available bonus bets will typically be indicated on your bet slip or within your account balance area.
  3. Signup Promotions: Occasionally, sportsbooks will offer bonus bets as part of their signup promotion. If you haven’t signed up for BetMGM yet, you may be able to leverage bonus bets depending on the current signup promotion in your market. Click the link below to make sure you’re accessing BetMGM’s current signup promotion in your market.
  1. $20 Deposit Minimum
  2. Bonus Bets Expire in 7 days
Must be 21+ and Present in Virginia. Gambling Problem? Call 1-888-532-3500. New Users Only. Terms and Conditions Apply.

Strategies for Using Bonus Bets on BetMGM

  • Consider High-Value Bets: Bonus bets are an excellent opportunity to take a chance on higher-value bets that you might usually avoid due to the risk involved.
  • Read the Terms: Understand the conditions attached to your bonus bets, such as minimum odds or wagering requirements, to ensure you use them correctly.
  • Keep Track of Expiry Dates: Use your bonus bets before they expire. Expiry dates will usually be listed in the terms of the bonus or within your account.

Balance Risk with Reward

Bonus bets allow for riskier plays without dipping into your bankroll. Consider using them for wagers with higher odds. This can yield greater returns without risking your actual funds. Spread your bonus bets across different events and bet types. This diversification can help manage risk. It also keeps the betting experience fresh and engaging.

Stay Informed on BetMGM Offers

BetMGM regularly updates its promotions. Stay informed to make the best use of every offer. This ensures you never miss out on valuable betting opportunities. Keep records of how you use bonus bets and their results. This tracking helps in evaluating your betting approach. It also guides future decisions on bonus bet usage.

Understand Bonus Bet Restrictions

Each bonus bet comes with its own set of rules. Understanding these restrictions is key. It ensures you meet all conditions for using your bonus bets. Bonus bets often have expiration dates. Make sure to use them before they expire. Timely usage is essential to benefit from these special offers. Even with bonus bets, responsible wagering is important. Stick to a plan and don’t let the allure of ‘free bets’ alter your betting behavior.

Applying Bonus Bets on Your BetMGM Bet Slip

When you’ve chosen a bet and are ready to wager:

Step 1: Fill Out Your Bet Slip

Add your selection to the bet slip, and enter the amount you wish to bet.

Step 2: Apply Your Bonus Bet

If you have bonus bets available, your bet slip will show an option to apply these. It’s often a toggle or checkbox, clearly labeled, such as “APPLY BONUS BET?” with the number of available bonus bets indicated.

Step 3: Activate the Bonus Bet Feature

Click or tap the toggle to activate the bonus bet for your wager. The bet slip should update to reflect that your bonus bet has been applied, often showing the potential payout should your bet win.

Step 4: Confirm Your Bet Details

Review your bet slip to ensure the bonus bet is being used for the correct wager and the potential payout is as expected.

Step 5: Place Your Wager

Submit your bet. The bonus bet will cover the stake, and you will not be deducted any cash from your account balance for this particular wager.

Navigating BetMGM Bonus Bets for Optimal Use

By understanding how to apply BetMGM bonus bets directly from your bet slip, you can make the most of these opportunities. Whether it’s for strategic high-value bets or trying out new betting markets, bonus bets are a valuable tool in your betting arsenal. Always stay informed about the terms associated with these bets and use them wisely to elevate your betting experience on BetMGM.

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