How to Claim the 8-Bit Barry Promo at BetMGM: Full Guide

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The 8-Bit Barry game on BetMGM offers a range of exciting prizes, and knowing how to claim and use them effectively can greatly enhance your betting and gaming experience. This detailed guide will walk you through the process of making the most of each type of reward, including casino bonuses, ensuring you fully capitalize on your winnings.

how to claim 8 bit barry prize

Detailed Breakdown of Prizes in 8-Bit Barry

The 8-Bit Barry game offers various prizes:

  1. Bonus Bets: Credits for extra betting opportunities.
  2. Parlay Boosts: Tools to increase potential parlay returns.
  3. Casino Bonuses: Offers for use in BetMGM’s casino games.

Step-by-Step Process to Claim Your Prizes

After winning in 8-Bit Barry, follow these steps to claim your prizes:

  • Regularly Check Notifications: BetMGM will inform you about your winnings.
  • Go to the Promotions Page: Here, you’ll find details about your prizes and the option to claim them.

How to Use Each Type of Prize

  1. Using Bonus Bets:
    • Choose a sport or event for betting.
    • Add your selection to the bet slip.
    • On the bet slip, there will be an option to apply your bonus bet. Select this option before finalizing your bet to use the bonus bet credit.
  2. Applying Parlay Boosts:
    • Construct a parlay bet as you normally would.
    • On the bet slip, you will see an option to apply any available parlay boosts.
    • Choose the applicable parlay boost to increase the odds. This can lead to higher returns if the parlay is successful.
  3. Utilizing Casino Bonuses:
    • Head over to the casino section of BetMGM.
    • Choose a game where the bonus applies, such as a slot game for free spins.
    • When starting the game, you’ll be prompted to use your bonus (e.g., free spins, match deposit, etc.). Confirm to apply the bonus to your game.

Understanding the Terms and Conditions for 8-Bit Barry Rewards

When you win prizes from the 8-Bit Barry game on BetMGM, it’s important to be aware that these rewards often come with certain terms and conditions. Understanding these requirements is crucial to fully benefit from the prizes. Let’s add a detailed section on what you might expect, particularly regarding casino bonuses.

Casino Bonuses Requirements

Casino bonuses, such as the $2 Casino bonus displayed in the promotion, are particularly enticing because they do not require a deposit to claim. However, they typically come with a wagering requirement. This means you must bet a certain amount of money to unlock the bonus for withdrawal. For instance, a $2 bonus might carry a wagering requirement of 20 times the bonus amount within a specified period, like 3 days.

How to Fulfill Wagering Requirements

To meet the wagering requirements of a casino bonus:

  1. Check the Requirements: Read the details of the bonus to understand the wagering multiplier and the time frame you have to fulfill it.
  2. Choose the Right Games: Select casino games that contribute to the wagering requirements. Some games may contribute more to these requirements than others.
  3. Monitor Your Progress: Keep track of your bets and how much you’ve wagered to know when you’ve met the requirements.

Additional Conditions to Be Aware Of

Beyond wagering requirements, consider other conditions that might apply:

  • Expiration Dates: Bonuses often come with an expiration date. Ensure you use the bonus and meet the requirements before it expires.
  • Game Restrictions: Some bonuses might only be applicable to certain games. Make sure you play the eligible games to count towards the wagering requirements.
  • Withdrawal Limits: There may be limits on how much you can withdraw from winnings earned with a bonus.

Getting the Most Out of Your Rewards

  • Strategic Use of Bonus Bets: Place bonus bets on wagers where you have higher confidence to maximize their potential.
  • Smart Selection for Casino Play: Choose casino games that align with your bonus type (e.g., slots for free spins) and where you have familiarity or better odds.

Assistance Is Just a Click Away

For any questions about your 8-Bit Barry rewards, BetMGM’s customer support team is available to help. They can guide you on how to claim and effectively use your rewards.

Enjoy the Full Spectrum of Your Rewards

Armed with this comprehensive guide, claim and use your rewards from the 8-Bit Barry game with confidence. Whether it’s placing thoughtful bets or enjoying the casino games, these rewards open up exciting possibilities for enjoyment and potential winnings on BetMGM.

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