Is BetMGM Legal in California? Knowing Your Betting Options

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Are you curious about the legality of BetMGM in California? Understanding the legal status of online sports betting platforms like BetMGM is crucial for California residents and visitors. This in-depth guide will clarify the current legal status of BetMGM in California and, if it’s unavailable, suggest alternative betting options that comply with state laws. We’ll also delve into the future outlook of online sports betting in California and how it might affect platforms like BetMGM. Check out our BetMGM review to get a sense of where you can use the sportsbook app in the US.

is betmgm legal in california

Legal Landscape of BetMGM in California

Let’s explore the legality of BetMGM in the context of California’s current gambling laws.

1. BetMGM’s Current Legal Status in California

As of the latest update, BetMGM does not operate legally in California. This is due to the state’s regulations that do not currently permit online sports betting outside of Native American tribal lands.

2. Understanding California’s Gambling Regulations

California has specific gambling laws that govern the operation of betting platforms. Currently, the state allows certain types of gambling, such as tribal casinos, horse racing, and the state lottery, but has not legalized online sports betting for operators like BetMGM.

3. The Importance of Complying with State Laws

Engaging in betting activities through legally sanctioned platforms is essential in California. It ensures adherence to state laws and provides a secure and fair betting environment.

Alternative Betting Options in California

While BetMGM isn’t available, there are other legal betting opportunities in California.

1. Tribal Casinos and Horse Racing Tracks

California is home to numerous tribal casinos that offer a variety of legal gambling options. Horse racing tracks are also popular venues for legal betting in the state.

2. The California State Lottery

The California State Lottery is another legal gambling option. It offers various lottery games and is widely available across the state.

3. Anticipating Future Legal Changes

There is ongoing discussion and potential legislation regarding the legalization of online sports betting in California. Staying informed about these developments is important for anyone interested in platforms like BetMGM.

Exploring Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) in California

In addition to traditional betting venues, Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) is a popular and legal alternative in California. Platforms like FanDuel and DraftKings offer DFS contests, where players draft virtual teams based on real athletes and score points based on their performance in actual games. This format allows for skill-based competition without directly betting on the outcomes of sports events, aligning with California’s current legal framework for online gaming. DFS offers an engaging way to participate in the excitement of sports betting while awaiting further developments in the state’s sports betting laws.

The Future Outlook for Online Sports Betting in California

  1. Potential Expansion of Legal Betting

    There is growing interest and momentum towards legalizing online sports betting in California. This could eventually include platforms like BetMGM, expanding the betting landscape in the state.

  2. Keeping Informed About Legislative Changes

    Keeping up with legislative developments is crucial for bettors in California. Changes in law could open up new opportunities for online sports betting with platforms like BetMGM.


While BetMGM is not currently legal in California, understanding the state’s gambling laws and exploring available legal options is vital for enthusiasts. As the legal landscape evolves, there may be future opportunities for platforms like BetMGM to operate legally in California. Staying informed and engaging in legal betting options ensures a responsible and enjoyable gambling experience. For now, California residents can explore existing legal gambling venues and watch for potential changes in the state’s approach to online sports betting.

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