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Rithmm is bringing the power of advanced analytical modeling to the average person.

If a bettor were to do this on their own, they’d need to get historical game data and betting lines, build a model that turns those stats into a prediction for each game, compare those predictions to the open betting lines and highlight the games with positive expected value.

This is beyond the skills of most people. For those who can do it, it’s incredibly time consuming and the data feeds can be expensive. Rithmm has made it possible for people to make their own models effortlessly. Our team of PhDs and data scientists have automated the data scraping, feature engineering, predictions and line analysis.

All our users have to do is customize their model and within seconds, they’ll receive predictions and an analysis for every game.

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How It Works

Set Your Model
Input your instincts by telling us what’s most important in a game (with factors like Passing, Rushing, Defense, etc. Our core product offers 5 house factors chosen by our team of data scientists, while our Premium product lets YOU build your own factors based on what’s important to you
Rithmm Does It's Magic
Your model takes your preferences, brings in over 3 years of historical data and trains your personalized model based on your inputs. Your model then predicts scores for every upcoming game, compares it’s predictions to open lines, and identifies recommended bets where you have an edge on what the market is saying
Bet Smarter With Rithmm
You can then easily view your model’s analysis for every game, complete with it’s score prediction, pick, win probability, and edge on the market. Rithmm helps you add data into your betting routine and makes it so you never have to worry about finding your next bet.

Rithmm FAQ

  • What is Rithmm? Rithmm is a sports betting analytics platform that combines user intuition with advanced data science to provide personalized predictive models for sports betting. It leverages historical data to predict game scores and identify bets with a competitive edge.
  • How does Rithmm work? Users input factors based on their instincts about important game aspects, such as offense and defense. Rithmm uses this input to train personalized models with over three years of historical data, offering predictions and recommended bets.
  • Can I customize my analytical models on Rithmm? Yes, Rithmm allows users to build customizable models based on personal preferences and instincts, especially in the premium version where users have more flexibility in model creation.
  • Is Rithmm suitable for both casual and serious bettors? Absolutely. Rithmm is designed with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it accessible for both casual bettors and those who bet more seriously.
  • What kind of expertise is behind Rithmm? The Rithmm team comprises PhDs, data scientists, and sports enthusiasts, ensuring the models and predictions are backed by high-level expertise.
  • How does Rithmm integrate data into its predictions? Rithmm incorporates extensive statistical data, including over three years of historical data, to inform its predictive models and betting recommendations.
  • Can I track my betting performance on Rithmm? Yes, Rithmm offers features for users to track their picks and evaluate the performance of their models over time.
  • Does Rithmm require knowledge in data science or sports analytics? No, one of Rithmm's key benefits is its simplified approach to sports analytics, making it accessible to users without expertise in data science or sports analytics.
  • Is there a cost to using Rithmm? Rithmm offers a core product and a premium version. The core product may have free features, but the premium version, with more customizable options, may require a subscription.
  • How does Rithmm differ from other sports betting platforms? Unlike many platforms that offer pre-made picks, Rithmm focuses on empowering users to make their own informed decisions with data-backed models that integrate their personal betting instincts.