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Football Is Back! 9/9/21 Picks


FOOTBALL IS BAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That’s right we finally made it, grown men get to strap on the helmets, put on the pads, and smash each other’s brains into soup for our entertainment tonight.  What a time to be alive.  I do not even care that quite literally my most hated athlete of all time Tom Brady is squaring off against my most hated sports team of all-time Dallas C-words.  Baseball will never take a back seat in my eyes but I know I am in the minority there and for good reason but if you care about making money then do not just turn your back on that as well.


Starting off with what everyone cares about the most here in early September……… The New York Yankees are on a little bit of a struggle here after winning what felt like 400 games in a row.  I think they need to get the bats going here to make sure this slide does not continue.  The Blue Jays are absolutely mashing right now, all they do is beat up on pitching.  This team has maybe the most consistent lineup in baseball and is not to be messed with this time of year when arms start to get tired.

The Pick- Yankees vs Blue Jays over 8.5 -120


I said early do not turn your back against free money.  That is right I’m calling this FREE money, the Baltimore Orioles should never ever be a favorite no matter what.  Not even if there’s a fire!  The Royals are not a team to ever feel comfortable taking but a huge exception gets made when they face a team that couldn’t beat the Bad News Bears.

The Pick Kansas City Royals ML +105


In all seriousness, the football game is what everyone actually cares about.  Night one of meaningful football with the reigning super bowl champs against the not my America’s team Dallas football team.  Rayne Prescott, yes that is his real name I do not acknowledge Dak, comes back after missing almost the entire season as well as some shoulder issues from over the summer.  This may be the hater in me but I do not trust a QB who is coming off of a major injury, with shoulder problems, facing a super bowl winning defense returning all their starters, especially when that QB got his lights shut out on a beach during a spring break trip.  Sorry, I’m old school and appreciate it when my QB can take a punch (literally and figuratively) and get right back up instead of taking a nap.  On the other hand, super bowl hangovers are real, except when they come to Tom Brady.  I have no idea how his team comes out tonight and because of that reason alone, I do believe it will be a lot closer than people think.  Everyone is on the Bucs but nobody is giving real analysis as to why other than the fact the Bucs were good last year and Dallas was bad last year.  Guess what this game isn’t being played last year and those metrics get thrown out the second a champ was crowned.  The first night back everyone is excited but I think it will either be a back and forth battle or an absolute letdown of a stinker.

The Picks 1h Under 26 -110 AND Dallas +9


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