Last Updated: December 12, 2023
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JockMKT Fantasy Review

The United States is home to a huge number of sports betting and daily fantasy sports operators. Very few of these platforms are as unique as Jock MKT. This operator combines stock trading and daily fantasy sports to give its members a completely different kind of sports wagering experience. 

This special approach to daily fantasy sports has helped Jock MKT grow increasingly popular around the country. It has a large number of cool features that have helped it gain favorable reviews from the vast majority of users. This Jock MKT review from Betting Hero will highlight all of these features, explaining where this platform excels and where it can improve. 

Jock MKT is currently operating in 34 states. That includes major DFS hubs including California, Texas, and New York. Daily fantasy sports is still growing more popular around the country and it’s likely that this platform will launch in more markets in the next few years. Learn more about what Jock MKT has to offer by checking out this entire guide today.

Games Available

One area in which Jock MKT truly excels is its list of games. There is a very fun selection of games here, some of which are more traditional DFS-style games and others that incorporate more of the platform’s stock trading element. Each of these games is fairly easy to understand and can offer some massive payouts for successful players. 

Market Games

The Market games are perhaps the most popular Jock MKT contest types available. Here, players buy and sell shares of players throughout the course of a single sporting event. While that sporting event unfolds, players can trade their shares in an attempt to increase their roster of players’ value. 

Share prices fluctuate as the event unfolds, requiring players to stay alert and make trades at the best possible time. Interestingly, trades in these cash markets will only be made complete if another player is willing to buy the shares that players decide to sell. It feels much like traditional stock exchange, while also requiring a knowledge of sports to be successful. 

Pick ‘Em Games

The Pick ‘Em games are Jock MKT feel very much like traditional daily fantasy sports games. The primary goal is to create a roster of athletes that players believe will perform the best over a single sporting event in a higher/lower format. The larger the roster of players chosen, the larger the payouts can be. 

Up to five players can be included in a Pick ‘Em roster. Players are competing against the House here, rather than against other players. These are fun, somewhat traditional DFS-style games that can be hugely lucrative for successful players. 

Contest Games

The Contest games at Jock MKT are also known as “IPO Games.” These are similar to Market games, as the goal is to grow the value of your shares based on player performances. Unlike Market games, however, there is no live-trading allowed. Players choose their roster of players with a set amount of money to purchase shares and that roster is locked in until the sporting event concludes. 

Prior to the start of the sporting event, the athletes involved will be given share values, much like how a stock IPO works. Players will need to judge which athletes to include in their roster based on those share values. 

Jockpot Games

Jockpot games are very fun tournament-style DFS games. Players create a roster of 11 athletes that they feel will perform the best over a single day. This roster is locked in once it is completed and cannot be changed. 

Here, players are competing among each other, rather than against the House. The players with the best rosters will receive cash prizes based on the total prize pool. 

Deposit Options

The entire banking system at Jock MKT is great and making deposits is extremely simple. Many new members are pleased to find a decent selection of traditional banking options and third-party banking options to deposit funds into their accounts. A list of the available options can be seen below. 

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Paypal

This variety of options ensures nearly everyone can quickly fund their Jock MKT accounts. There are no fees connected to deposits and these payments are processed instantly. The video tutorial below offers a step-by-step guide to making deposits through this DFS operator. 

How To Withdraw Your Winnings

Withdrawing cash from Jock MKT is extremely easy, as well. The vast majority of individuals with a banking debit card can easily collect their winnings here. Check out the list of withdrawal options provided here below. 

  • Visa
  • MasterCard

Withdrawals are typically processed within 3-5 days. Before a withdrawal can be processed, Jock MKT may request that you undergo an additional identity verification. Check out the helpful video tutorial below to learn more about how payouts are processed at Jock MKT.

Must be 21+. Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER

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Our Jock MKT Ratings

Modern daily fantasy sports operators have to provide a huge number of features in order to stay relevant in such a competitive industry. Jock MKT certainly does so. It is filled with cool, unique features that have helped it develop a real name in the US daily fantasy sports industry. 

To provide the most in-depth review of Jock MKT possible, Betting Hero individually rated each of its most important features. That includes its variety of games, promotional offers, and more. Betting Hero gives this operator an overall rating of 8.0/10, making it one of the top legal sports wagering platforms in the country right now. 

There is a lot to praise about this DFS platform. Learn more about its different features in the sections below. 

Game Selection

There is an impressive variety of games and contest types being offered at Jock MKT. As mentioned, this platform uniquely combines both stock trading and daily fantasy sports. These games are available for most major sports leagues including the NFL, NBA, and MLB. No other competitor has taken this approach and it has helped this platform truly stand out in the industry.

Each of these contests has different rules and requires a different kind of Jock MKT strategy to find success. They all have the potential to pay huge winnings, too. Some of them incorporate the stock-trading element of this platform more than others. Members here will have no trouble finding each available game being offered and Jock MKT provides a helpful FAQ page that explains how exactly to play each available game.

Bonuses & Promotions

Most daily fantasy sports platforms are lacking in the promotions department and Jock MKT is no different. There is only one real bonus being offered here. This is a welcome bonus, providing all new players with a Free Share and a 100% first deposit bonus of up to $100. There is no need to use a Jock MKT promo code to claim this bonus.

It would benefit the Jock MKT DFS app to offer its existing members some more promotional offers. With that being said, the welcome bonus being offered is certainly generous. It allows players to immediately and significantly boost the amount of funds they have in their Jock MKT accounts. 

Mobile App & Website

The design and user interface of Jock MKT is fantastic. It’s an extremely modern platform that looks and feels extremely slick using both a desktop computer and a mobile device. Despite being a completely unique platform with different types of games than other fantasy sports sites offer, this is an easy platform to understand. 

The customer support system at Jock MKT falls a little short. The only support options provided to members here are email support and the aforementioned FAQ page. Those hoping to find answers to their questions immediately will be out of luck. The design of this platform is great, though, and is fairly easy for even complete DFS beginners to understand.

State Availability

Jock MKT is operating in 34 states around the country. That is an impressive number of states to be operating in. Expansion has been a priority for this DFS platform and has helped Jock MKT develop a fairly large user base around the country. 

To make things better, this operator is available in some of the top US daily fantasy sports hubs such as California, where sports betting is not yet legal. Traditional sports betting is still not available in much of the country, yet platforms like Jock MKT serve as an excellent substitute.


Jock MKT is without a doubt one of the most unique daily fantasy sports platforms currently operating in the United States. The system of combining stock market trading and daily fantasy sports is a novel concept and has been hugely popular with those who are fans of both activities. Most of the games being offered here have the potential to offer massive payout opportunities, too. 

There are, however, a few areas in which this platform falls short. It offers just one promotion and no bonus offers for existing members. It also has a fairly unimpressive customer support system, with no ability for members to have their questions right away. 

Overall, this is an excellent DFS platform with a very unique game system. It is secure, too, with a variety of options to deposit and withdraw funds. Discover more details on this operator’s most important features by reading the additional sections below. 

JockMKT Fantasy New User Offer

Jock MKT, like many other popular DFS operators, provides its members with an excellent welcome bonus. This is actually a two-part bonus that can be claimed in just a couple of minutes. As previously mentioned, the Jock MKT welcome bonus here offers one Free Share to enter into a game and a 100% first deposit bonus of up to $100 with no Jock MKT bonus code required. The steps below explain how to claim this offer. 


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JockMKT Fantasy Legal States List


  • Is Jock MKT legit? Jock MKT is a completely legitimate, safe online daily fantasy sports platform. It is very unique, as the only DFS operator to combine daily fantasy games and stock trading. Jock MKT has grown very popular around the country and provides a modern design, secure payments, and a very generous welcome bonus. 
  • Is there a Jock MKT mobile app? Yes. The Jock MKT app works seamlessly with both iOS and Android devices. It can be easily downloaded via the Apple Store and Google Play Store. All of the same great Jock MKT features found on the platform's desktop website are available using the Jock MKT app. 
  • Is Jock MKT legal in all U.S. states? Jock MKT is legal in 34 states around the country. That includes several major daily fantasy hubs including California, Texas, and New York. 
  • Can you make money on Jock MKT? Yes. The games at Jock MKT are all played for and can pay out real money. 
  • Is Jock MKT legal in Florida? Yes. Jock MKT is legally operating in the state of Florida. All of the different games are available to play here, including Pick ‘Em, Market, Contest, and Jockpot games.