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Top Fantasy Sports 2024

Top Fantasy Apps in The United States

Underdog Fantasy

The United States is filled with great, modern daily fantasy sports platforms. Underdog Fantasy has continued to establish itself as one of the best ones in the country, offering a great variety of contests, some massively lucrative DFS tournaments, and a modern, simplistic design. This Underdog Fantasy review provides a detailed look at its most […]
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BettDraft Fantasy

BettDraft is a new, modern daily fantasy sports platform that is now operating in 19 states around the country. It is a fairly simplistic platform, with a small selection of contests on just a few sports leagues (like the NFL). Despite its simplicity, BettDraft is a great DFS operator with an excellent design and some […]
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Boom Fantasy

Boom Fantasy is a world-class daily fantasy sports operator that launched in 2015. It has grown very popular throughout the country, particularly in states that have yet to legalize traditional online sports betting. This Boom Fantasy review provides a detailed insight into the most important features of this platform, explaining where it excels and where […]
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ParlayPlay is an exciting new US daily fantasy sports platform that launched in 2021. It now operates in 27 states around the country, including several major DFS hubs including California and Texas. ParlayPlay has continued to grow more popular with many sports fans, as it looks and feels in many ways like a traditional online […]
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Thrive Fantasy

ThriveFantasy is a popular US daily fantasy sports operator that went live in 2016. Today, it operates in 30 states around the country, including major DFS hubs like California and Texas. Competition is high among US daily fantasy sports operators, yet ThriveFantasy has managed to make a name for itself by offering a fantastic welcome […]
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The United States is home to a huge number of sports betting and daily fantasy sports operators. Very few of these platforms are as unique as Jock MKT. This operator combines stock trading and daily fantasy sports to give its members a completely different kind of sports wagering experience.  This special approach to daily fantasy […]
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