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The Premier Lacrosse League enters its 3rd ever playoff season this weekend and the biggest questions bettors are asking are “are the Waterdogs for real?” “Will we see a Whipsnakes Threepeat?” and “Who’s the Cinderella Story this year?”  All of this will be covered in the Betting Hero PLL 2021 Playoff Breakdown.

Are The Waterdogs For Real?

After the #1 pick in the 2021 PLL Draft, Michael Sowers, was injured in the first game of the season, the public were quick to write off the Waterdogs’ chances this year.  The start of the season seemed to prove the doubters correct with a 2-3 record losing to top teams like the Archers and Redwoods.  Even after the 19-7 redemption win over the Cannons in week 5, The Waterdogs were not expected to go far in the playoffs.


What Changed?

The short answer is nothing.  The team itself didn’t have too many trades in the offseason.  The big difference is how the team plays together.  The defense has been in sync all throughout the second half of the season and their goalie, Dillon Ward, has been a brick wall between the pipes with a 53% save percentage ranking 4th overall in the league.

So Are They For Real?

I think so.  With the addition of Michael Sowers at X mixed in with the already potent offense they have, I see the Waterdogs being a legitimate contender this playoff season.  Their biggest weakness last year was their defense.  If the defense continues to click, I can easily see them winning in the finals.

Will The Whipsnakes Threepeat?

The Premier Lacrosse League is only 3 years old this year and The Whipsnakes have won every title so far.  Roster-wise, their offense is one of the scariest with Zed Williams and Matt Rambo leading the charge.  Their issue, this season, seems to be related more to the gas tank.  Their losses happened on back-to-backs with the 2nd half being the game decider.  The only loss that was alarming was the loss to the Waterdogs.  The Whipsnakes do have a chance to get revenge in the Semi-Finals if they beat The Redwoods.  The Whipsnakes have yet to lose two in a row to a team.

So, Does It Happen?

It is hard to root against the team that has been the only one to win the championship.  My biggest concern is the Semi-Finals.  If they are able to use their playoff experience to slow the game down, they can slowly piece apart from the Waterdog’s defense and bring back the issues that plagued the Waterdogs last year.

Which Team Is The Cinderella Story?

The 2021 PLL Season has by far been the most competitive season in the league’s history.  It is easy to say that any of the top 6 teams could win the title this year.  The team I feel will have the most “Cinderella Story” run is The Chaos.

Why The Chaos?

The Chaos have been a thorn in every team’s side since the league came into existence in 2018.  It starts with their goalie, Blaze Riorden.  This man has continually had the highest save percentage in the league at %61.  In the playoffs, your goalie can be who makes or breaks your playoff run.  Different sport, but the Montreal Canadiens in the 2021 Stanley Cup Finals is a prime example of that.  I think Blaze is the deciding factor.  His goaltending paired with the strong defense the Chaos has could lead to an upset against the Archers in the first round.  The Archers are a phenomenal offensive team but take away their scoring and the team falls apart.  The Chaos should be able to do just that and it could mean an upset.

Where to Bet?

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