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A massive announcement was dropped a few days ago when Barstool Sports announced they are the main sponsor of the Arizona Bowl.  With this sponsorship also comes broadcasting rights making the Arizona Bowl the first major sporting event broadcasted by a non-traditional company.  Barstool Sports will have complete creative control over every aspect of the broadcast.  Portnoy was quoted on his podcast, The Dave Portnoy Show, discussing ideas such as Big Cat singing the national anthem after parachuting into the stadium.  All of this being possible because of the media company backing Barstool Sports has for Barstool Sportsbook.

Since the legalization of sports betting, operators have slowly begun ingratiating themselves into the sports world.  Operators such as PointsBet have signed a 5-year deal with the University of Colorado and William Hill has developed a marketing agreement with UNLV and Nevada.  Barstool Sports has raised the bar even higher with this exclusive broadcasting deal.  With the sportsbook in charge of every aspect of the show, the prop betting aspect of watching sporting events now has the ability to grow.  Similar to the Super Bowl, The Arizona Bowl now has the possibility of having prop betting on the events that occur around the gridiron.  Favorites like the coin toss and Gatorade color will more than likely be available.  The possibility of betting on the national anthem could exist too, although it could be argued there is a conflict of interest in that bet.

When a deal like The Barstool/Arizona Bowl occurs, it highlights the advantages Barstool has having a media company that supports the sportsbook.  They may be the only sportsbook operator that has the ability to run the production for a sporting event.  They have the personalities and the production staff which continues to grow every day.  This may show other big names like DraftKings and FanDuel the power and freedom that comes with having a media company behind them.


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