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GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Betting Hero, a first-of-its-kind gaming platform designed to help small and medium-sized businesses generate additional revenue from the casino and sports betting industry, has announced its first partnership with the Michigan-based restaurant group Flo’s Collection.

Co-founders Jai Maw and Jeremy Jakary are proud to welcome Flo’s, which operates several sports-themed Italian restaurants in West Michigan, as an inaugural partner in Betting Hero’s expanding footprint.

“We are extremely excited to welcome Dan Uccello and the entire Flo’s Collection team to the Betting Hero platform. We have been admiring Flo’s from afar for some time, and having the opportunity to finally partner with one of the most respected bar and restaurant groups in West Michigan having only recently launched the Betting Hero brand is a great sign for our business,” Maw said.

“Knowing how Dan likes to operate his restaurants at the forefront of innovation and customer experience, we feel confident that the Betting Hero and Flo’s Collection partnership will be a great success.”

Founded in 2018 shortly after the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PAPSA) was repealed, Betting Hero has driven more than 10,000 new customer activations for its casino and sportsbook operator clients.

Those 10,000-plus activations have come from more than 50,000 in-person conversations with new and existing bettors in multiple states, evidence that Betting Hero is proud to educate new and existing players about how to responsibly gamble, as well as how to navigate the pitfalls of each individual operator’s registration, funding, withdrawing, and the betting process.

Through its partnerships, Betting Hero will help motivated business owners replace lost revenue and generate significant additional income by embracing the newly legalized online casino and sports betting industries emerging throughout the United States.

Prospective partners include sports bars, restaurants, bowling alleys, golf clubs, amateur sports teams or promotion companies, etc… Beginning with its partnership with Flo’s Collection and its popular restaurants, Betting Hero will create an easy-to-access solution for prospective bettors in West Michigan and beyond.

“We wanted to offer our guests a gambling experience beyond the state lottery,” Flo’s Collection President Dan Uccello said. “I think that our guests will benefit from Betting Hero because it’s something different, it’s a different way of self-entertainment. They only invest in what they’re interested in.”

“Overall, it will be a great way for our restaurants and bars statewide to earn more income, keep customers in the seats longer and more often and provide something that is already legal in many other states.”

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Tagline: “We Help People. Enjoy Their Experience. Betting On Mobile.”

About Betting Hero

Founded in 2018 by Jai Maw and Jeremy Jakary, Betting Hero got its start at tailgates, bars, casinos, and on the streets as the Sports Betting Street Team (SBST).

Using their backgrounds in recruitment and executive search consulting, the Betting Hero team set a goal to help sports bettors easily sign up for various sports betting apps and to organize and share that knowledge to further educate the responsible sports bettor, keeping in mind that when the fun stops, stop.

About Flo’s Collection

Founded in 2011 by Dan and Davide Uccello, Flo’s Collection has since grown into a multimillion-dollar company with four locations in West Michigan and a full-service catering operation by following its mission “to be America’s best sports-themed Italian restaurant.”

Restaurants in Flo’s Collection include Flo’s Pizzeria in Grand Rapids, Flo’s Pizzeria Ristorante Sports Bar in Greenville and Belmont, and Flo’s Wood Fired Pizzeria in Rockford. Learn more on Facebook and online at

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