What Is a No Sweat Bet Promo? Sports Betting Terms Explained

Have you encountered “No Sweat Bet” promos in sports betting? They’re common in both new signup promotions as well as existing customer promotions. Let’s demystify how they work. Understanding “No Sweat Bet” Promos When you engage with sports betting platforms, you might come across “No Sweat Bet” promotions. These offers aim to provide bettors with […]

What Are Sides? Sports Betting Terms Explained

When you get started with sports betting, one of the fundamental concepts you’ll encounter is “sides.” What exactly do these sides represent, and how do they impact your betting choices? Let’s embark on a journey to demystify the essence of sides in sports betting and uncover their profound influence on your wagering decisions. Deciphering the […]

When Is The ESPN BET Launch Date?

As sports enthusiasts eagerly await the ESPN BET launch date, a new and exciting sports betting platform is getting ready to make its debut in just a few weeks. Wagering Within State Borders One important thing to note is that wagers can only be placed while physically located within the borders of a state where […]

What Is ESPN Bet? An Overview

Have you heard about ESPN Bet, the exciting new online sportsbook? In this article, we’ll introduce ESPN Bet, a collaboration between ESPN and PENN Entertainment, combining brand strength and technology. Introducing ESPN Bet ESPN Bet represents a recent addition to the online sports betting landscape. It’s a teaming up between ESPN, a sports industry leader, […]

What Is A Cover? Sports Betting Terms Explained

In sports betting, “cover” refers to a scenario where a team or participant wins a game by a margin greater than the point spread assigned by the sportsbook. To “cover the spread” means that the team not only wins the game but does so by a sufficient number of points to meet or exceed the […]

BetMGM’s Apple Pay Policy Update: Deposit Only

Apple Pay has long been a convenient option for online sports betting enthusiasts, allowing for swift and secure transactions. However, you may have noticed that Apple Pay is not working when it comes to withdrawing funds.  Recent adjustments to BetMGM’s policy have limited its use to deposits only, excluding withdrawals. In this article, we’ll briefly […]