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About Betting Hero

Betting Hero is the number 1 in-person customer acquisition company in the mobile gaming industry.  Founded in 2018, Betting Hero started as a street team going to Tailgates throughout NJ helping customers sign up for the newly legalized sports betting apps.  Since then, Betting Hero has partnered with all of the top operators in the mobile betting industry, hosting events at several casinos and sports bars across the country.  With over 150,000 customers registered, funded, and betting on mobile gaming apps, Betting Hero can help you enjoy your experience, betting on mobile.

Best In-Person Activation Numbers in The Industry

With over 150,000 activations in the company history, we have dominated the industry in in-person activations since mobile betting legalized in the US. Click the button below to see more about what we do and where to find us.

Tutorials on Every Feature of Every App

Our goal is to make sure you enjoy your experience mobile betting every time. That is why we’ve created an archive of tutorials showing you everything you’ll need to know about betting on mobile. We continue to add more videos as new features and promotions become available.

Blogs & Podcasts Covering Everything You Need To Win

BettingHero.com is filled with content designed to give you an edge against the books. You can find Blogs for every sport, podcasts, and more by clicking the button below.

Our Story

Founded in 2018, one month after Paspa was repealed, we got our start at tailgates, in bars, in casinos and on the streets. We started as Sports Betting Street Team (SBST).

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Our goal was to help sports bettors sign up for sports betting apps. Easy right? Nope – each app has a different process, funding is a challenge and betting on your phone is new to everyone (except those of you offshore folks…but don’t worry…we won’t tell….it’s legal now so life is good)

We’ve helped more than 150,000 new customers register, fund & bet on various sportsbook apps…..and we’ve learned a lot. Our mission is to organize and share that knowledge to educate the sports bettor. We make it fun & easy to register, fund & bet on sports.

Please gamble responsibly and when the fun stops, stop.


Jeremy Jakary & Jai Maw

Co-Founders of Betting Hero

Some of Our Partners


Meet Our Heroes

Founded in 2018, one month after Paspa was repealed, we got our start at tailgates, in bars, in casinos and on the streets. We started as Sports Betting Street Team (SBST).

Jai Maw


Super Power: Time Manipulation

With the ability to slow time down, or stop it entirely, I would never miss another meeting or deadline. What would be better than having an infinite amount of hours every day?

Jeremy Jakary

SVP Strategy

Super Power: Total Recall

I have a million ideas a day and having a photographic memory with total recall would be my dream superpower. Sticky notes are a great substitute for now.

Jeff Gajewski

Managing Director

Super Power: Super Speed

The ability to go from coast to coast and be home before lunch would make work a lot easier.

Cassie Brickman

Managing Director

Super Power: Replication

I could replicate myself to never miss out again. I have major FOMO so this would allow me to be 100% in all my favorite roles: Betting Hero, Mom, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Friend and Community Member.

Josh Champion

National Sales Director

Super Power: Flight

I could travel the world quickly and spend more time with the people I love and that matter most to me.

Ernie Ropas

Research Director

Super Power: Telepathy

Being able to read clients’ minds would be a huge advantage in selling, make my everyday calls more efficient talking about only what the customer cares about, and could even help avoid some arguments with my girlfriend.

Kristen Lynch

Account Manager

Super Power: Omnilingualism

No more communication breakdowns; I would instantly be able to decipher and communicate with computers, animals, and people around the world.

Eamonn Keenan

Digital Marketing Manager

Super Power: Omnificence

To be omnificent is to have complete creative power. If I could spontaneously create all of my ideas into reality, I would be the greatest marketing Super Hero of all time.

Amber Burdette

Account Manager

Super Power: Replication

If I had the power of replication, I could be on the road working, at home with the dog, while also being at my favorite sporting event! Never miss anything again!

Courtney Hook

Event Coordinator

Super Power: Teleportation

I love to travel and explore, but sometimes the travel time can be a burden. If I could teleport, I would have more time to explore each destination I visit (and teleport home to feed my dogs).

Mike Rendeiro

Market Lead - New York/New Jersey

Super Power: Intuitive Aptitude

The ability to instantly understand the working of anything no matter how simple or complex would allow me to take on any task with the utmost confidence instinctively.

Christiana Mather

Travel Team Lead

Super Power: Precognition

The ability to perceive future events would be quite the advantage while helping customers place their bets, and could even help me win the lottery!

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